How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website

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We’ve been making a real effort to stretch out of the box and bring you the biggest, brightest and latest when it comes to web design and web development. Why? Because after all, this beautiful Net we live in would be nothing without those blokes budging pixels about and slapping code on it. But when it comes to what these guys do, how do you know what to pay them?

You see, in our experience most businessman or webmasters don’t have a good idea of what web design is actually worth. Either they think it’s more high-paying than it really aught to be, or they’re on the opposite side of the fence—thinking it’s worth a lot less than it really is. The truth, as it often is, lies somewhere in-between. Either way, if you really wants to know how much one have to pay to a website designer or web designing company, then get 100% guidance here, and let’s start with a common form of web design now!

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website

When a new webmaster is looking to get a site setup, he’ll often turn to the powerful, free-to-use functionality of WordPress. This is a practice we’ve condoned rather heavily in the past, and we still like to think of it as the common man’s way into website ownership.

However, how do you know what to pay for a WordPress site? It’s a complicated matter that involves lots of moving parts. That being said, here’s the breakdown:

First of all, WordPress itself is free. You should never pay a designer or your web hosting provider a “license” fee for the software. If they’re asking for one, they’re just trying to scam you. However, paying for the right to use a theme is actually spot-on. These are custom designs created by designers that work long hours to produce them. As such, you should definitely be paying for this, unless the theme is available for free on the Net.

Themes can typically run you anywhere from as little as $30 all the way up to several thousand for a unique license. The real cost will lie somewhere around $50 reaching a median upwards of $200. If you’re looking to have a theme designed for you, though, you can expect to pay more in the neighborhood of several thousand dollars. Creating a competent WordPress theme is worth slightly more than a typical web design, as it’s a template you can continue to use for several further sites. You can also rather rapidly adjust its content, which makes it a lot more valuable—as well as more complex.

What About Just [Website Design Cost Calculator]

Here’s where simple breakdowns get really . . . well, not simple. You see, when people ask us how much a website usually costs, it’s sort of like asking “How much does it cost to paint your house?” There are so many variables, including what kind of paint you’re buying, how big the house is, who’s doing the painting, etc. However, if you know a few simple points, we bet we can still get you in a ballpark estimate.

First of all, any site that involves a big old database is typically going to be more expensive, especially if it allows users to login and have a look at their own personal files. This would be corporate sites, or anything else of that ilk. Essentially, if you’ve got a complex filing system that needs to be had at, you’re going to be facing one hefty bill.

Need just a simple home page to promote your local band’s gig, album release, etc.? That on the other hand might be a little more budget-minded. A static, single-page web design will vary between several hundred dollars and maybe a couple thousand. It’s a safe estimate for this kind of design, but if you want lots of fancy stuff, expect to pay more in the several thousand range.

What’s fancy? Fancy means complex animations, really stunning artwork, sliding controls, hovering toolbars, shaded elements, and anything else that makes you go “Wow!” Most of these involve what we call CSS or jQuery, and both require a lot more work to settle into place. In other words, if you put in an order for a state-of-the-art design through a reputable design agency, don’t be surprised when it comes back with a price tag. Specific estimates will range from $5,000 to upwards of ten or twenty.

Mobile Sites: How Much Does It Cost To Have A Website Built

Lastly, we often get requests for estimates on a mobile website. This is a particularly sore spot, as it seems most people think a smaller site is a cheaper site. However, this simply isn’t the case. Here’s why!

A mobile site is not just a shrunken down version of the main page. It is in fact an entirely new recoding of the whole, which requires just as much effort to produce as the original. In fact, because a mobile site needs to responsively resize to a myriad of different screen sizes and resolutions, it’s typically a wee bit harder to code. It also requires a different set of graphics to perform well. All in all, a mobile website is an entirely new venture that costs more than you might think.

How much more? This again depends on the complexity of the site, as well as what it’s intended to do. Complex data management in an app like Facebook will obviously cost more than simple visit to So let’s assume we’re looking at a basic, static, not too complex mobile page. If so, the estimate we’d present would be somewhere between $500 and $2,000. That’s a wide gap, but to be honest, mobile design is a wide field. Each project is so unique and so involved that it’s nearly impossible to give an accurate count on the broad stroke.

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