Best Places To Visit In Mumbai

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Mumbai is said to be the busiest city in India as it is the financial capital of the country. Also it is said that this city never sleeps as people are so busy that they keep working all the day and to release stress, keep partying through nights.

When one in Mumbai, there are plenty of places which one can visit. Here are some options.

This is a famous British Architecture and the gate is almost 85 feet tall and it was bu8ilt to commemorate the visit of King George V’s visit in India. This gate has a blend of three styles of architectures and they are European Gothic, Islam and Hindu. One can also take a ferry ride till the Elephanta Caves from there.

#1. Elephanta Caves:

Best Places To Visit In Mumbai With Friends

This is a 40 minutes ferry ride from the Gateway of India. This is a world heritage site and these caves are ancient belonging to 600 AD. One can get to see a lot of Buddhist and Hindu god and goddess stone sculptures here.

#2. Marine Drive and Taraporewala Aquarium:

Mumbai Tourist Places With Distance

If you are in Mumbai, it is for sure that you are going to visit Marine Drive. This is the actual heart of the city. This is a 3 km long stretch which borders the Arabian Sea. One can simple stole here and enjoy the sea breeze or can visit the Taraporewala Aquarium here which was built and opened in the year 1951 and it contains mainly fresh water fishes and marine fishes as well. It is said that this aquarium contains more than 400 species of fishes. Though this place was opened long back it was closed for renovation few years back and again it was re opened in the year 2015. After the renovation has been done this aquarium has a 12 feet long glass tunnel made of acrylic and it is 180 degree. Then there is also a pool which is full of harmless and small or medium sized fishes which the children and touch and enjoy themselves.

#3. Chowpatty:

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Have you seen the adventurous side of the city? Not yet? Then this is the right time. Many people do not even know this secret of Mumbai that it can be a source of adrenaline rush too. In the famous Chowpatty, where all the attractions lie over the Bhel; one has to shift their focus to Kayaking. While waving through the fresh waters of the Arabian Sea; one can relax inhaling the pure oxygen and digging into the adventure as well.

#4. Markets of Mumbai:

Places To Visit In Mumbai For 2 Days

Mumbai is said to be the heaven for shopping. It has a lot of fashion street shops and flea markets. One can get a lot of designer knock off outfits there and some branded clothes as well within budget. So, when in Mumbai, cloth and junk jewellery shopping is a must.

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