Black Friday Ads In 2018 & Shenanigans

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Here in the United States, where we call home, the famed Thanksgiving feast has come and gone. Along with it, we’re also enjoying the all out consumer-driven sprawl that is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Why do we bring this up? Because if you hand’t guessed already, all of these dates and events are extremely important for the health and vitality of your eCommerce site.

If you’re like most site owners, we’re willing to be that you’re throwing out some kind of sale over the week-end. Maybe you’re not going all-in like some of the larger brick-and-mortar retail chains, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a killing off the action.

Today, we’re going to be breaking down some of the best hosting and software tools you can use to ensure that your sales and services are as top-notch as they can possibly be. This, in turn, will drive your profits, increase your viewership, and make for the best possible end-user experience.

Ready to get rolling? Good! You’ll find our Top Ways to Boost your eCommerce Site and Hosting for the Holidays below. Starting with:

Have a Sale System in Mind

We’re going to make a few assumptions here. First off, we’re going to assume that your eCommerce or sales-driven site uses some sort of eCommerce software under the hood. We’re talking about Open Cart or Volusion here. If your site doesn’t use these sorts of itemizers and operation smoother, we’re going to make a case for it now.

You see, these systems are designed to keep all of your inventory in check easily. Furthermore, they also quite simplify the process of checking out and placing an order. Both of these are vital for the health and productivity of your site. They’re custom-designed CMS suites that are hammered out for exactly what it is that you do.

Okay, that’s all the preaching we’ll do, we promise. Now, for the good bits! How does one go about using these to maximize profits over the week-end sales?

First of all, all good eCommerce solutions come with some sort of coupon system. These are very important, especially if you use our next tip concerning newsletters. If you do this right, you can setup some kind of Black Friday code—blackfriday always works, even if it is a bit unimaginative—that your customers can use at checkout.

Within your eCommerce software, just be sure to set a decent sized sale value to this code. It can be twenty percent off, thirty percent off, or anything else that you feel like. Just be sure it’s ready to roll, and so will your products: Right off the shelves, that is!

Newsletter The Situation

We’re going to go ahead and move away from the server for a second to talk about another web tool you can be using to ensure you’re getting the most out of your hosting experience. If you haven’t heard of it already, we’re talking about the beautiful web hosting companion that is MailChimp.

In essence, MailChimp is a free WYSIWYG editor slash CMS for your HTML emails. Why do you want this? Because if you’re not already sending out some kind of newsletter to your fanbase and readership, you’re missing out on a great way to ensure all of your people get the message.

The service, as stated, is completely free to use up to a rather ridiculous number of list names. You’ll get something like several thousand emails before you need to upgrade to a (relatively cheap) professional plan. Furthermore, the editor involved makes it crazy easy to customize your emails with your brand logo, your specific look, and your own marketable synergy—yes, we threw in that buzzword on purpose.

MailChimp is also rather fantastic for these Black Friday sort of situations. Today or tomorrow, go ahead and throw out an email discussing some of the discounts and benefits you’ll be giving away. This ensures that all of your viewers are in the know, and are thus much more likely to stop by for their own piece of the action. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it requires hardly any additional effort on your part.

That’s what we like to call a “win-win” in board meetings.

Cater to Your Social Media Audience

On another note, we’ve talked quite a bit about how adding social media to your marketing regime can drastically improve the SEO of your site. In fact, we might go so far as to say it’s one of the absolute best and most modern ways to maximize the effect your site has on the Web ecosystem. Here’s how you can make it work for a drastic, holiday-themed sale situation:

First of all, get to chattering on Facebook and Twitter. Talk about some of the deals you’ll be giving out, as well as what it means for your customers. Ask what they would like to see. Post links to specials, advertise your hottest sellers, and in every other way possible make an effort to be visible on these kinds of sites. Here’s why you’re doing this:

Social media is extremely visible to search engines. The more people talk about your products, share your posts with their friends, or even just thumbs-up a portion of your content, you get a search engine boost. This is good news for you, and if you can time your releases and your chatter correctly, you can see a dramatic increase in page ranks just from being out there within the social sphere.

Of course, all of this relies on you first. Come to the table with good products or services, market them in a way that meets your clientele where they are, and encourage outside-house promotion. Do all of this, and we can guarantee you’ll see real results the next time you check your page rankings and Google Analytics data.

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