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Google doc is a web-based document organization application. That allows individuals to create and edit word processing and spreadsheet documents. The ability to carry your document wherever you go. If all of your documents are hosted with Google docs. So you can go to any computer in the world and have access to all of your documents that means, no more emailing documents to yourself, no more using flash drives. Google doc allows you to collaborate on your documents with another individual that have a Gmail account, no matter how far they may be from. You can actually collaborate on documents in real time, so you can see what someone changing on the same doc as they typed them without refreshing page. Even you’ll see where the cursor of another person within the document is. At the time you sent someone a word document. So, they can edit and then send it back to you. Well on Google docs, you can give them access to that same file and edited at the same time without sending different files. And more importantly, you don’t have to worry about the wrong version of one file over another. You access it in a nice secure fashion. At the time to create docs, you’re one who has access to open it.

 Google Docs why its beeter than other

If you have some kind of office installed on your computer like Microsoft office. That gives you access to word for your word processing, excel for spreadsheets, and PowerPoint for presentations. But did you realize, you can do all of that on the web for free. Google has the tool called Google docs. “” is the official website where you can create all doc files. Once you login your account, then you can upload existing word, excel or PPt files and put them on the website. Now, you’re asking yourself why you would want to do that. Google Docs service as a fully functioning word processing and it has almost all the same features that Microsoft office has.

Google docs work for multiple reasons. For Example: – For work, it can be used to create a spreadsheet of co-workers, especially during time to travel or so individual can have access to work projects from home. For school, students can work on group assignments, create a review sheet with each other in class or have access to school work from home. It can even be use in the case that someone does not have work processing application on their computer. Whatever you use Google docs for it will never get lost or accidentally delete.


  1. Voice Typing: The first great feature of Google doc is “voice typing”. Just enter “Ctrl+Shift+S” to use this feature. It is available in over 40 languages.
  2. Research tool: Research tool enables you to find information from around the web. Go to tools and then select research. Now research tool will automatically appear along the right –hand side. Search anything like Albert Einstein and insert the website link and title into the document. If you want to search different type of result like an image, scholar, quotes or a dictionary. Just use the drop-down menu in the search bar to refine the result. Just enter “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I” and use this feature.
  3. Translate Document: Click on tool and select “translate”. You can then select your targeted language and hit save and automatically create another copy of current file in different language.
  4. Revision history: With this tool, you can see all the changes that you or anybody else’s made to a document. Protect your work with track what and when changes done. Short key is “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H”
  5. Add-ons: It run in the docs, sheet and form, but built by third party developers. Just click on Add-ons and install one that you want.


  • It’s start with a search of “Google docs” on search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, or click HERE.
  • Simply open first result as below image.

Google Docs Login

  • After getting home page of Google documents, click on “Go to Google Docs” blue button and you’ll redirect to another page.
  • Now enter your account details and push “sign in” button.


As in the past if you wanted to share a document with somebody. You would generally email it to friend’s or co-worker’s computer home. So, need to upload it to the web and send it to them. But in case of sending different documents to different people, it creates trouble. With Google docs instead we share a document uploaded to the web and so just accessing it using computer and even make changes in the docs. Every Google doc file have in your drive has a URL or web address. So you can share that link or URL in class, on your webpage, blog, office and you have some easy way to share through Gmail, you can put it on g+, facebook, or twitter.

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