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How to Turn on 2-Step Verification Gmail

Google start Double verification or 2-Step Verification (U2F) in Oct. 21, 2014. Google Providing double verification for extra protection of gmail account even your password has hacked. It’s not compulsory for all user rather than it’s just for extra protection if someone want. In case of withdrawing cash from ATM- you have to insert your card and enter the PIN. But in case of enabled Google 2 step verification whenever you sign in your gmail account google will ask you a verification code on your mobile devices that is sent to your phone. You can choose the way to get the code like in text message or voice message either via authenticator app in your smart phone. So, google can send verification code.

Note: We highly advise to turn on Gmail 2-step verification in you email account. With turning on this feature you have to add password with code to show your ownership in your account.

  1. To setup your double verification in your gmail account. Open your gmail account
  2. Click on “My Account” Button and get the similar page as below image.
  3. Now hit the sign-in & security button
  4. Scroll down and hit 2-step verification and in next screen click on “Start Setup” button.

Gmail App: Google Apps For Email

With the best email services Google launched Gmail app. It helps you to save time with it’s easy to use facility and make you all the message or mail safe. Easy to send or receive email and notifications whenever you want via push notifications.

With Gmail Application for mobile you get:

  1. Search all of your mails wherever you are.
  2. Each and every notification in real time- You can’t miss any of notification with Gmail mobile apps. You will get all your important mails.
  3. Gmail application works in all type of smart phone like Android, iPhone, Blackberry and more.

(Note: You will find lot of information about Gmail Google mail app. If you want to install gmail app then scroll down to get Gmail installation link and see how to install Google app for Gmail.)

You can access all the awesome and interesting features that you use on web via your phone or tablet, you can use all features through all mobile web browsers. And no hard and fast problem to download Gmail app.  If you want to read more about Gmail’s incredible features that Google Provide then go to this refer page.Bottom of Form


There are two ways to access your Gmail account in smart phone.

  1. If you created two or more email account with different mail services providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, outlook, AOL and more, then you need native email application to manage your all email accounts because it allow you to view all mails in one place . Just search this in Google play store “all in one email app for android”.
  2. Just visit on Google play store by clicking (Play store) and search Gmail Official app for Android or ios and follow the following steps to install the application.


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  1. I am happy because you are giving us tutorial to login my gmail account. Actually i recently created my account and never login my mail account. After this article that you posted in simple and easy term with pictures helped me a lot. But i have a suggestion for you that please create video tutorials. and than you so much for your security tips.

  2. I cant sign into my Gmail account on my tablet. It sends me to a security page and instructions etc.

    • Check your security certificate, if it’s valid then move to settings and choose date and time. Select the correct date and time. I think after doing that you’ll be able to open your Gmail account without security warning.

  3. I can’t login to my gmail acct because I forgot my password and my phone is broke for me to receive a text with password and my secondary email well I forgot password also. What can I do to get back into my acct?? Please help I have alot of important emails I need to get to.

  4. I’ve desperately tried to recover a 6 year old account for 3 years now. Put in one of the old passwords i remembered it having as they asked. Answered the security questions perfectly and did all they said. Even got a verification code dozens pf times many times. Wasted hours of my life on this task and it immediately says “Google couldn’t verify”, then turn me away. Does anyone know the other ignorant reasons why they turn me down, how to contact them or give them my DNA?

  5. Hey, i can’t write a message in my gmail inbox. what is the problem?

  6. Hey I forgot my Gmail account password what should I do next I tried a lot but I want recovery through my phone else there is no other source so.

  7. I can’t login my gmail account.

  8. My Gmail account is giving me problems and i cannot sign in it is going to google instead. Why is Google interfering with Gmail.

    • I think, you are using wrong password. So, make sure use correct password and if you forgot it then change your password. Gmail is Google’s service that’s why Google is interfering in it.

  9. Sir I can’t open my email account what I do?it is my mobile no 009**6050****3 when I open account but now my mobile no is 009****60***76.
    Please help me.

    • If you are able to login your account then change your mobile number. First login your gmail account then click to this link and then change your mobile number. I removed your mobile number from your comment and please never add your personal details anywhere.

  10. why every login and log out of e mail hard sign

  11. Hello Sir We cannot open and sign in Email account ….always show that untrusted side..why?

    • Check your time and date of your device that you are using. Change your date and time correctly. Make sure that you verified your Gmail account

  12. How do I get my account on a different computer?

  13. Reply
    Okubote Oluwafemi Johnson October 9, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Please, is there any way. SO, I can change my Gmail account email, instead of re-opening another account again.

  14. I can’t find a site that will allow me to login. All the sites are tutorials. Please tell me what I can type in to get to a site that will actually let me get my email. Email a response to my wife’s email address.

    • Dear Jack,
      I am sending you a link just for you. So, don’t lose it. It’s the link to login your gmail account.
      Happy Journey for ever. Click HERE

  15. I have tried over&over to get to my Gmail on my brother’s phone using incognito tab….my phone no longer active. I used to be able to do this on other peoples mobiles…this way it doesn’t put me on their….

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