How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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If your website is generating traffic without high rankings on Google, it will quickly expedite and your followers are likely engaged within the niche. People are finding your website through other means and are actively looking and will likely be return users. Get them to sign up for an email list and you can constantly re-invite them as well as let them know when your top articles are being released onto the website.

Tactic #1: Social Advertising

The world of social media has taken the entire globe by storm. More people are attached to their mobile devices and computers for the sole purpose of using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are many different options within those that can quickly raise your traffic.

Facebook now offers your website to have its own Facebook page. Invite your friends and family to join the ranks. Create links within your website that makes it easy to friend your website. Once they are in, you have constant access to their attention.

Post new ideas and options through Facebook and it could reach your initial friends within minutes. If the story is intriguing or helpful it is very easy to be reposted, reaching another few hundred (maybe even thousands) of people within a few hours. The more people that skim through the brief posts and find the content interesting, the more “friends” you will have on Facebook. In terms of your website however, they are a great and consistent traffic generator.

Twitter works very similarly; and there are just as many people using Twitter as there are on Facebook. Create a page for your website and follow the same concept as Facebook. Send out tweets that are intriguing and intuitive, and watch the followers quickly pile up. There are also websites where you can generate more follows for yourself by following others.

Social networks should become your biggest allies. Being active on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn will result in a significant traffic increase.

The easiest thing you can do is add a sharing button to each post on your blog. This way, the readers themselves will get involved in promotion. Creating pages and groups dedicated to your blog and to the topic of interest will deliver good results, as well.

Keep in mind that good social network promotion demands consistent efforts.

Tactic #2: Media Buying

One of the hardest parts of initializing your website is getting your name out there. It can be difficult when you are going against some fierce competitors whom have dominated the community for years. Rather than looking at them as competition, see it as an opportunity to grow your site through them. If you have funds available, consider buying banners and ads to put on either general or niche specific websites.

It will get you recognition and will eventually start driving up your numbers. Take your time in preparing the ads and cater them to the website you are advertising on. Get creative in your ads, make them memorable, whether through comedy or another route. The more noticeable they are, the more people are going to want to visit your site.

Tactic #3: Having an Affiliate Program

Using an affiliate program is another great way to help generate traffic. Depending on your niche, there are many different affiliate programs to choose from and will require some research in order to pick the right one. The next important part is to find the perfect spot to place it within your blog or website. You want it to be easily seen without being a blatant advertisement.

It can be a great way to pay for your banners and other ads, even expanding your reach within your niche. Most people that are willing to follow the link off of your website to buy a product you are promoting is a great sign for your website. In addition to not only creating traffic and income, it is a reassurance that your website is reaching people and they are taking your advice/knowledge into consideration.

Tactic #4: Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very peculiar route to take, but it can greatly increase your traffic. The trick is to not over-commit to emails. Allow an area on your website for users to sign up to be on your emailing list. You can extend an offer, or simply send them emails when new articles and pages are available on your website.

If you are sending the emails every day in an effort to encourage traffic, it will blow up in your face. Those people will quickly see the mail as spam and will likely refrain from using the site again. Make the emails worth opening and coming back to the website.

Tactic #5: Getting Talked About (Publicity)

Word of mouth is a tactic that ultimately you have no control over as a website owner. Simply put, if one person does not have a good experience on your website, they are going to tell their friends (especially if they are online a lot) about it and you will have lost more than just one person. Those numbers can quickly rise if you are not careful.

Having said that, the other side of the coin can bring in an insurmountable amount of traffic. Be active in other communities and promote their business. They will likely return the favor and have nothing but good things to say. This will show the readers of their site that you are reputable and knowledgeable, drawing in larger crowds.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong by trying to reach the top page within Google to help drive your traffic up. It is an excellent strategy that will work. However, you will be missing out on a lot of organic traffic and may be missing a lot of the community in which you are trying to contact. By following different avenues such as the ones that are listed above, you now have just as much traffic that will be willing to come back to the website time and time again. While they are coming to your website, Google’s Panda algorithm will see your site as more valuable and the ranks will increase as well. It is a slower process that will leave you with much more traffic.

Tactic #6: Become a Guest Blogger

To increase your audience, you will sometimes have to rely on the success of others. Guest blogging is a great promotional technique that many writers rely on.
In the case of guest blogging, you will be writing content for somebody else. In return for the unique article, you will get a link to your blog. Becoming a guest writer for very popular blogs and websites will immediately translate in traffic boost.

Tactic #7: Use Traditional Online Promotion Methods

Some very simple promotion techniques can deliver great results in terms of traffic maximization. Some old-school online promotion methods will come in handy.
The easiest thing you can do is add your blog’s URL to your e-mail signature. Each person that you contact will get a chance to visit the blog and to explore its content. Adding the URL to your forum profile and other membership pages can be just as efficient.

How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google

Blog traffic is equally important for people maintaining a business blog and for the ones writing for personal reasons. A bigger audience provides monetization opportunities and it is also essential for the establishment of reputation.

Internet provides multiple traffic increase opportunities. Some of the techniques are simple to introduce, even if you have no experience in the realm of web marketing and SEO. Here are five of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog.

Tactic #1: Content and SEO

Your content is the heart and soul of the blog. Well-written articles will attract visitors and they will also affect search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques that increase website or blog referrals from search engines. In the past, SEO was heavily dependent on keyword selection. Today, the uniqueness and informative value of the text is more important in terms of good SEO.

Write for your audience rather than for search engines. Choose a specific topic and stick to it. The more specialized your blog is, the more traffic you will attract from search engine referrals.

Tactic #2: Analyze Results to Improve Your Strategy

Online promotion has one main advantage – its results can be monitored instantly. An analytics tool will provide information about the efficiency of your traffic increase methods. You will get to see what works and what parts of the campaign demand modifications.

Take a look at your blog statistics. Which articles are most popular? What keywords did people use to find your content through a search engine? Try to come up with a pattern and a trend that will increase the popularity of the texts you will write in the future.

You should also monitor the results of your social media marketing campaign. The number of subscribers and the interactions you have with other indicate whether you have managed to become popular. If your efforts are failing, you will probably have to come up with an alternative strategy.

Increasing your blog traffic demands both time and effort. Such techniques are typically inexpensive and highly efficient. Being patient and meticulous will give you an opportunity to enjoy great results within a short period of time.

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