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  1. I am happy because you are giving us tutorial to login my gmail account. Actually i recently created my account and never login my mail account. After this article that you posted in simple and easy term with pictures helped me a lot. But i have a suggestion for you that please create video tutorials. and than you so much for your security tips.

    1. Check your security certificate, if it’s valid then move to settings and choose date and time. Select the correct date and time. I think after doing that you’ll be able to open your Gmail account without security warning.

  2. I can’t login to my gmail acct because I forgot my password and my phone is broke for me to receive a text with password and my secondary email well I forgot password also. What can I do to get back into my acct?? Please help I have alot of important emails I need to get to.

  3. I’ve desperately tried to recover a 6 year old account for 3 years now. Put in one of the old passwords i remembered it having as they asked. Answered the security questions perfectly and did all they said. Even got a verification code dozens pf times many times. Wasted hours of my life on this task and it immediately says “Google couldn’t verify”, then turn me away. Does anyone know the other ignorant reasons why they turn me down, how to contact them or give them my DNA?

  4. Hey I forgot my Gmail account password what should I do next I tried a lot but I want recovery through my phone else there is no other source so.

  5. My Gmail account is giving me problems and i cannot sign in it is going to google instead. Why is Google interfering with Gmail.

    1. I think, you are using wrong password. So, make sure use correct password and if you forgot it then change your password. Gmail is Google’s service that’s why Google is interfering in it.

  6. Sir I can’t open my email account what I do?it is my mobile no 009**6050****3 when I open account but now my mobile no is 009****60***76.
    Please help me.

    1. If you are able to login your account then change your mobile number. First login your gmail account then click to this link http://goo.gl/2LUZ0u and then change your mobile number. I removed your mobile number from your comment and please never add your personal details anywhere.

    1. Check your time and date of your device that you are using. Change your date and time correctly. Make sure that you verified your Gmail account

  7. Please, is there any way. SO, I can change my Gmail account email, instead of re-opening another account again.

  8. I can’t find a site that will allow me to login. All the sites are tutorials. Please tell me what I can type in to get to a site that will actually let me get my email. Email a response to my wife’s email address.

    1. Dear Jack,
      I am sending you a link just for you. So, don’t lose it. It’s the link to login your gmail account.
      Happy Journey for ever. Click HERE

  9. I have tried over&over to get to my Gmail on my brother’s phone using incognito tab….my phone no longer active. I used to be able to do this on other peoples mobiles…this way it doesn’t put me on their….

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