Event Security Planning Checklist

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You people might have attended recent concerts on New Year’s Eve. Majorities seemed happy after having foolproof security measurements that were only taken for the safety of participants. One thing that flashed before my eyes that few concerts were held at low-level where gathering were not more than hundreds, safety measurements were not up to the mark. Yes, its right people were not that much happier as they should be but what else they can do? There is no harm in getting low-priced tickets for enjoyment with friends, but security risks might not let you enjoy freely.

No matter, the event is at larger or smaller scale high priced security services are putting various events in danger. Large concerts can spend a huge amount on security but difficult one for smaller events. Here, we are going to illustrate the impacts of high priced security services. This one is going to be much more severe than your expectations. Check it out

#1. Intruder Activities Will Be Unstoppable – Costly security services can’t be acquired for anyone and you people can’t resist them from entering. There would be no authentication and verification methods. Majority low budgeted events take the help of volunteers at the entrance point to check either all the participants have tickets or not. It’s impossible for everyone to get done with everything without any professional services. Apparently, they will let you know about all the strategic scheme for controlling crowd. So Intruder activities leave the significant impact of high priced security services.

#2. Lack of Equipment Would Increase the Risks – Everyone shouldn’t worry about the cost of security companies. There are two possibilities if net return is going to expectedly high, then they can pay for that amount. Usually, low budgeted events have no high returns. They don’t have high-quality gadgets to resist invaders. Lack of equipment would keep provoking every participant about safety. Majority events may install walk through the gate, but if they don’t know about its operation or other facts, then you can’t control the intruders.

#3. There will be no Safety from Fire Hazards – When we talk about festival security, it doesn’t mean that we are talking about protection from intruders there are many more aspects that need our attention. Short circuits and accidentally fire incidents always cause significant destruction, so yes there will be no assurance of fire safety. Professionals know everything, and without their assistance, it’s challenging to achieve the security goals. Expensive security services have distressed everyone. Costs and manned guard demands have made difficult for every event organiser to overcome these things.

#4. There will be Disorganised Parking Arrangements – People who are arriving at your concerts their vehicle should be parked at a distance from the entrance because in past few year various incidents happen due to unexpected fire explosion in cars. These days security issues are growing, and you can’t predict what minor things can spoil your happiness. No proper security arrangements and overpriced services won’t let people have their appropriate parking lots. As you can see larger events have proper security arrangements, and a specific place is allocated to the parking place.

#5. There will be no Mechanism of Verification – Obviously, security companies who will look into event security they use to have access to various databases where people verification would be much easier or within seconds. Before going further, they would first install the setup of verification. People identity card details will enter and then participants would be allowed to go inside the event. Overpricing has raised the question of security measurements for low budgeted events. What would they do in such scenario?

#6. There will be Mishandling in Crowd – Security companies have a team of experts who know how to handle large crowds. Let me add one thing here; low budgeted events are used to be a house full. They are grabbing the attention of majority people. Crowd mishandling would be at peak. Overpricing has been figured out the main reason where people are deprived of best security measurements in events.

These are the main aspects that would put every event in danger. Governments have been seen in action to take legal action on such overpricing issues. Security companies have also taken the significant steps on price reduction. It is the responsibility of every company to make it accessible for every event. Cost should be reduced, but services shouldn’t be affected by this change.

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