Signs of Poor SEO Technique

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Independent online retailers remain at the mercy of the search engine (SEO) optimization professionals and web designers they hire to improve their website. Despite claiming to be experts in their respective fields, in many instances they are providing their clients with poor SEO techniques that are hindering their advancement on search engines.

Turnkey Sites

Luckily, poor methods can be identified. There are five specific warning signs that indicate poor SEO technique. The first is that your website designer creates a turnkey site that is optimized for search engines. The professional will then prevent you from changing or adding to the site.

Lack of Suggested Keywords

The second warning sign is your SEO expert informs you of the importance of keywords and keyphrases. They proceed to ask you what your keywords are without suggesting they will conduct the keyword research for you. Proper SEO strategy is centered on adding keywords throughout the website. Also, if they do conduct the research by simply using the Google Keyword Tool, you are receiving no advantage over your competitors.

SEO Channels

The third warning sign occurs when you ask the SEO consultant about how localized, personalized, mobile and social media searches factor in to the design and overall SEO strategy of your website. To counter this question they will then inform you that they will get your website ranked on page one but will not indicate how.

Decreased Visibility after a Short Period of Time

The fourth sign is evident when you measure your website approximately six months after it has been optimized only to find that it contains less than 50 percent Internet visibility. This indicates the SEO professional did not utilize methods that keep your website at the top.

Beefing up Keyphrase Density

The final indicator will occur when your consultant measures your website’s keyword density and tells you to beef it up in your content. They will then say that this factor is the most important aspect of SEO. This is not accurate as there are a number of factors that play into successful SEO implementation.

SEO is the most important factor to making your website visible to Internet browsers. The higher page ranking you receive, the most guests will click on your website and the more business you will receive. Therefore, when SEO professionals only follow the aforementioned concepts you are wasting your time and money on poor SEO techniques.

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