How To Plan A Stag Party

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Stag party is considering as men’s last party of his single life. The groom will surely miss the previous days of reckless partying and dunking nights in married life. It provides a great opportunity for groom and his friends to enjoy the last day of groom’s freedom and make it memorable. The stag party is also called as bachelor party the reason behind this is, only bachelors are invited no married persons are allowed. The groom is the center of attraction for the entire group who is present with them. At this party the groom is free to engage in the activities which he is not allowed. It is a day when he spends his time with his friends without any tension or restriction. While planning for the party there are several activities which one should consider given below are some of the points which will assist you in planning for stag parties.

Choose A Destination

top unique bachelor party ideas

First of all one must choose the place where you want to have the party. Private residence is the best place for stag party as it not allow you to deal with the police. This party can occur anywhere but having a proper place would surely make you satisfied. The stag party generally includes booze, strippers or gambling for spending some good time with close buddies. These parties can be indoor or outdoor. Indoor party generally takes place in a small room with whiskey and beers and loud music along with strip dancing whereas outdoor party takes place in local night clubs, bars and restaurants with some loud music and boozes to cheer the hearts.

The Guests List

Guest List - Bachelor Party Ideas

A stage party generally includes the groom and his group of friends. The best man is the one who gives the invitation to the friends and relatives of the groom usually male only. These parties does not have a time limit on them.

Set Day And Budget

If you are thinking that the day before wedding day is the perfect then you need to think again. There is need to plan the party up to a month before the wedding day so that groom get some free time before the wedding, one can specially plan on any weekend. Two weeks before the wedding day might be the best time for having a party. Budget is one of the most essential factors which should needed to be kept in mind. It’s everybody party so all close friends must contribute equally and also ask the groom how much he is willing to spend on the party. Thus, stag party is a huge day for all so there is a need to prepare some special plans for making it memorable.

Top #4 Stag Do Ideas

If you’re getting hitched soon or you’re the best man planning your pal’s stag do then you may want to plan something more exciting than a trip to the local pub. Whilst you may not be able to afford the blow-out trip to Vegas, you may want to consider an experience day as an alternative stag do. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1# Track Days

unique bachelor party ideas

If you and your mates have always wanted to drive a top of the range super car at top speed, then now’s the perfect time to do it. Driving a Ferrari at high speed can now be an affordable option, but if you fancy something more rough and ready then a rally driving experience day or taking a 4×4 off road can be fun for the whole group.

If you’re still kids at heart though, then booking some quad bikes or go-karts for the day adds a fun and competitive edge to the stag do.

2# Adrenaline fueled Experiences

Treat the groom to a bungee jump and watch him take the plunge, before he takes the plunge into wedded bliss. Lots of bungee jumping experiences are available, but if you live in or near London you can pay to have the experience of bungee jumping off of the O2 arena.

For the ballsy of the bunch then skydiving can be an amazing way to send off the groom, however for a literal ball try Zorbing, where you get in a huge inflatable ball and get pushed down a hill. Just make sure you go on an empty stomach!

3# Water Trips

Water Trip In Stag Night

If you’d like a classier stag affair then consider a boat trip. You can take a boat down the Thames and see the spots where James Bond was filmed, or simply take a tour of Canary Wharf.

If you’d like to get wet however, then a white water rafting experience is fun for large groups, or you can try kite surfing if you want to learn something new.

4# Flying

stag do 4th ideas

Men love flying machines and what better way to indulge the passion than by taking a flying lesson. You can find experience days where you learn how to fly via a flight simulator, or you can take the helm with a trained pilot and go up in the skies in an airplane or helicopter and learn the ropes.

If you fancy something gentler though, a hot air balloon can be a great choice for smaller groups – plus you can visit the local before you set off!

How To Instantly Transform Your Stag Do From Good To Great!

Know what you really want to accomplish (and possibly why.)

It’s a simple sounding statement that isn’t actually easy to accomplish, but it will give your party that extra spark. Everyone has vague or even very specific ideas about their parties, which range from drinking games to go-karting, shooting, and cowboy experiences. Focusing on the activities, however, can sometimes leave you feeling like you haven’t quite had the experience that you want, or equally can leave others in the party lacking. The activities you plan for your stag do (or the one you’re helping to organize) are important, but they also need to be fit for purpose.

Examples relevant to the groom include whether they want to spend more time with “everyone they know” or whether they want to spend the majority or all of the time with a few close friends. Is it important to them to do something they think they won’t be allowed to do after marriage? Do they need to try something new? Push a boundary that’s bothering them? Is there a desire to reconnect with more distant friends, or do they want to spend the most time within their current inner circle? Will there be gender division for some, all, or none of the party time? The groom’s preferences aren’t the only ones in play, however. The Best Man also has a lot of say over the show, and his goals are important too. He might want to recreate memories, or to do specific things which he thinks the groom ought to experience (for the first time, or again) before marriage takes hold. He also may have desires regarding how much time is spent with closer friends or with a general group, and may have strong preferences regarding gender splitting or inclusion.

He shouldn’t override the groom’s strong preferences, but his own can’t be ignored, nor can his own goals.

Finally, everyone who is coming or might come will have a goal or a reason for it, and to a certain extent they need to be made happy as well. There is a natural social obligation, especially amongst closer friends, to just show up and ‘do what’s expected.‘ The trick that will move you from a good fun set of memories into a great stag do is to not only fulfill all of the groom’s and best man’s needs, but to meet those of the general party as well. Think about how different groups of friends interact, and who will want more potential bonding time with the groom. Consider the financial impact, especially when weighed up against how close they are to the groom. More distant friends are much more likely to be up for a bar crawl than a week long holiday. Their general interests and abilities also needs to be balanced, many people aren’t going to enjoy looking stupid, and its worse if “everyone else” is good at an activity and they aren’t. Don’t give them a reason to want to avoid the party.

It is work balancing all of this, and it certainly requires a level of introspection and communication, but it will absolutely bring the extra zap to your day, night, or week!

How To Organise A Stag Do Somewhere You’ve Never Been

The stag-do is an important milestone is any man’s life: it represents his last moments of wild freedom and unhindered irresponsibility before he makes the transition into married life. Given the gravity of the event then, it is paramount that those in charge of organizing the stag-do get every little detail right. Organizing a stag-do in a place foreign to you has historically posed many problems that a little research could have prevented. Below are listed some of the main stumbling blocks that make a stag-do memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Beware of Foreign Laws

That’s right, laws change according to which country you are in. Did you know that in Dubai you can face jail time for drinking alcohol in the street? Oversights such as these can quickly sour a stag-do and undo all the hard work put in to make it happen. The best thing to do is research your chosen city and country in a lot of depth, including scouring forums for any tales from those who have visited already.

The earlier, the Better

There’s nothing worse than booking flights or taking time off work, only to realize the hotels at your destination are fully booked. Stag-do organizers are recommended to start planning at least 2 months in advance to ensure accommodation and flights can all be booked. Keep in mind that if your stag-do is to happen during the peak tourism season, it would be wise to get everything booked up to 4-5 months in advance.

Is Just Before The Wedding a Good Idea?

It was once popular tradition to hold a stag-do days or even the night before the wedding itself; nowadays, given the weary aftermath of such a jolly occasion, it is not such a good idea. The groom will certainly not be looking his best carrying bruises from a paint balling weekend, nor will the bride appreciate one of his eyebrows missing thanks to his prankster buddies. A couple of weeks before the wedding is the smallest gap you should afford, allowing the husband-to-be ample time to recover from his stag-do both mentally and physically.

Keep an Organized Itinerary

Given the momentous occasion there will surely be a lot of things to do, and it all has to be packed into one short space of time. The key to a successful stag getaway is meticulous organization: it’s no good spending hours of your precious time looking for transport or directions around, or all debating about the best place to go. Having your weekend plans strictly laid out is especially important for foreign stag-do’s given the ease at which you can get lost in a strange city. Following the tips below can also ensure the stag-do progresses smoothly without a hitch:

  • Plan in advance how you will travel
  • Be equipped with maps/directions
  • Try to pre-book tickets/events to avoid disappointment
  • Inform the entire party of your plans in detail to prevent any mishaps

Go Easy On The Poor Man

Men up and down the country await a friend’s stag-do with profound excitement simply as it gifts them a free ticket to do whatever they want to him. Though it’s all good and fair fun, there are cases where pranks have been taken too far and stag parties have run afoul of the law: foreign police forces are understandably not fond of discovering a naked man tied to a tree in the center of their city. Keeping the traditional stag wind-up clean is advisable, not least for the well-being of the stag himself but for the whole party too.

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