Things To Do In America Before You Die

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Visiting the United States is there in the mind of people from across the globe. There are a large number of travelers from various countries visit North America. Some want to explore the busy and enthralling US cities whereas some others are more focused on the nature and culture of the land. What makes the US a travelers’ paradise is the fact that there is something to satisfy all types of traveler with varying tastes and preferences here.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 things you may want to do while visiting the US for the first time and here are tourist attractions in USA by state.

  • Exploring Kennedy Space Center, Florida: You will see the visitor complex here exhibiting the history, present developments, and future in US space exploration. You can also find a Rocket Garden here featuring the replicas of all classic rockets and also explore the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame featuring films and exhibits honoring the astronauts.
  • Visiting Saguaro National Park, Arizona: You can explore Saguaro National Park as the icon of Southwest America, and explore all the ribbed, majestic sentinels protected at the desert playground. The park is split into west and east units. You can see endless trials of desert flora in both the sectors.
  • The Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom: This little Kingdom of Magic welcomes all to a dream world where Cinderella and Mickey Mouse roam around. You can see the scope of American imagination is represented here in its completion. You can explore the classic Fantasyland and futuristic Tomorrowland here.
  • Pimlico Race Course, Maryland: It is a thoroughbred horse racing track at Baltimore, Maryland. Similar to Gulfstream live races, you can watch Preakness Stakes here. The course was officially opened in 1870, and the capacity of the stadium here is about 98,000.
  • French Quarter, Louisiana: French Quarter‘s specialist is its aesthetics with vibrant textures consisting of gardens, lush courtyard, corridors and more. The city is also known for its rich musical and cultural heritage, and you can see blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll everything reverberating from the quarter’s doors.
  • Times Square, New York: If you want to explore shopping and consumerism at its best like an American, then look no further than the Times Square. You can truly experience this roaring neon hub which never sleeps, and instead of the crowd you see from all parts of the world, there are places for you to sit and relax over a hot cup of coffee.
  • Mount Rushmore, South Dakota: Mount Rushmore is not only mesmerizing regarding its sheer scale, but you will explore the biggest and boldest embodiment of the American ideals carved on the rock. It is considered as the shrine to democracy in the face of four iconoclastic U.S. presidents chiseled as one of the largest human-made artwork on earth.
  • Big Sur, California: What you explore here is the unending rows of wildflowers, sea otters on the kelp beds, the lush of ancient forests and no wonder why Big Sur is an ideal retreat for the writers and artists from across the world. You can book a campground here.
  • Grand Canyon, Arizona: The soaring sandstone and volcanic canyon walls make the most awesome vistas here. This is an ideal destination for adventure year-round. It is a 227-mile long natural wonder with the wild Colorado River flowing through it.
  • International Rose Test Garden: International Rose Test Garden capitalizes the nickname of Portland as the “The City of Roses.” Now being one of the largest gardens in North America, there are more than 600 varieties of roses and above 9,500 bushes here.

Even though we discuss the random ten based on the traveler ratings, you will find hundreds of other destinations too to be added to your bucket list. While visiting the US, it is best to write down your interests first and then narrow down your search to identify the best destinations to explore.

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