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Google+ is a social networking site i.e. owned and operated by Google Inc. In June 2011, G + just started for small numbers of user as a test. I will begin by examining the useful social features that Google Plus provides, which you can utilize to increase your reach, engagement and brand equity. Google+ has over 300 millions monthly active users. This provides businesses on Google+ with a great opportunity to both reach current customers and to find or acquire new customers.

  1. Circle: It is a main and most beautiful feature of plus.google.com. In which users can create circle among its friends, families, colleagues, organizations, and more. This feature gives opportunity to organize peoples as per user want. So, go ahead and create your circle. After creating G+ circle users can send or share all posts. By default, all can see the people and page that you add in your circle. But as you are organizing your circle so you can manage both incoming as well as outgoing information then no one can see who is in your circle even they can’t see the name of a particular group. But there’s a problem, i.e. you never add more than 5000 different people in specific group or the list.
  2. Stream: It’s more likely as Facebook news feed appears on the home page of after sign in Google+ account and can change the layout of stream that contain all of your circles. Using streams on Google+ is an easy way for you to sort and view Google plus items by keywords, posts, events, photos, pages, and much more. This make it easier than ever for businesses to find people, topics and events to engages with according to their industry vertical.
  3. Google Hangout: It’s a new way to communicate with people and the part of Google plus account. There are two types of Google hangouts first text chat and another one is video call. In given time one can video call up to 10 people. Even you can record and stream live videos on YouTube account as well as Google +. This feature announced in Sep. 20, 2011. Not surprisingly, G plus events are synced up with Google calendar. Which make it easy for your attendees to integrate your event with their schedule.
  4. +1 Button: It is Google’s service with the gadget titled +1 button, which is Google’s way of allowing people online to give their stamp of approval for content they deem worthy. It’s a widget runs much like the Facebook “Like” button widget. As you can see Facebook “like” button on various pages and various websites, +1 much like that but in Google’s version. This button appears next to search engine listing. You can see +1 button in Google search result if you logged into your Gmail account.
  5. Hashtags: This feature adds in G plus in Oct. 12, 2011. With # tag one can create hyperlinks after adding “#” before a word such as #Googledocs, #like, #smile.
  6. Community: One useful feature on G+ is communities. Communities allow like minded people or people interested in the same topics to form in groups. Communities are also great for people who are all part of the same organization like an internal employee group for a company.


You can install Google app with below given links for PC or android. Just click on the link and install the app. Following steps to install application in your mobile or desktop.

  1. Download Google+ app for Android Click here
  2. Click on this button  IOS G+  and visit to download app for ios.


Animated gifts are a great way to capture user’s attention and stand out from the norm. Unlike some other social platforms gifts can play on G +, helping your business to more easily create, engaging and viral content. Let’s not forget that while Google+ may be a social platform, it’s also a product of Google, the leading search engine in the world and creator of “Google my business”. Google designed Google+ to understand how searching and sharing emulate each other. It should come as no surprise then that having an active. Google+ page as part of Google my business can provide several SEO benefits for your business. Activity on Google plus such as reviews, comments, shares and even +1 can all work to improve your search rankings by raising awareness and driving traffic. Another unique benefit that sets Google plus apart is that all G+content has its own unique URL. So, that it can actually appear as a search result to followers of your page. This provides your business with additional results on SERP (Search engine result page). Finally review on Google plus are especially valuable because they can also appear directly in the search results, giving your customers more reasons to trust business and through on your listing, these reviews also appear on other popular review sites like “siteJabber”.


This is an incredible way and, in fact a powerful tool to help you to get found, connect with your customers. It’s super easy to manage and really critical to your business, whether it’s a mobile platform over the traditional web. Now we’re going to walk you through the different steps of the first setting up this local page…

  1. First enter the url “business.google.com/create” either just click HERE or type Google + business page create.
  2. After reaching to that page login your Gmail account.
  3. I am opening up my account as a plumber service provider. So, let’s look in “Service Area”.

    1st step to create Google+ Page

  4. Then, Search the business by searching your address or business name.
  5. And see, is there your address or business name somewhere.
  6. Google will show you many of other results. But check just your. If your business doesn’t appear in Google map search then it will redirect to another page.
  7. Enter your business name, Country, Street address, Pin code, state, Main business phone (DON’T USE PERSONAL), Choose right category (what kind of business you are running) and choose deliver area (where you can deliver your product) And hit “submit button”.
  8. Here’s the next and probably most ignored step of all. It’s not instantaneous like lot of stuff that Google does.
  9. Google wants to go ahead and verify your real place. So, click to verify by postcard. Now it’s going to take a little bit of time like a week or two.
  10. Now click send postcard.
  11. Then, you will get Official Google plus Page.


  • If you deliver something in local area than you need to add maximum delivery area. It’s not necessary for shipping business like e-commerce website.
  • You will get a little postcard in the mail (KEEP AN EYE OUT, DON’T LOSE THAT POSTCARD, AND DON’T THROW IT AWAY).
  • You need an internet connection to create Google plus business page.
  • Once you get Plus Page, and then adjust your privacy and security setting. There’s so many settings that you’ve never seen before.

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