Cue the Hearse: What to Do When Your Website is Dying

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What to do?

If you’re reading this, that means we can safely assume one very important thing about you: You own a website or intellectual property based on the Web that is, shall we say, just not doing well. What we mean by this is very simple. Your website is not pulling in the traffic that you’d like, is not earning the readership you think it deserves, or is otherwise simply not doing its job to satisfaction.

Furthermore, no matter how you poke and prod at it, you simply cannot get it to dance and sing in a groovy way. You believe you’ve done everything in the book, and still that website just sits there like a lame duck. However, don’t give up hope just yet: We’re here to help.

If you need some serious assistance getting your website up and off the ground, we have just the suggestions you need. So without further ado, skip on down below the break to peep the very first of our Web saving life tips. Starting with:

Make it a Blog, A WordPress Blog!

Do you currently have a blog on your site? Phrased another way, do you currently have a nifty section installed where you can post interesting things that you write, or even just links to entertaining content found elsewhere on the Web? If not, you might want to start eyeing just such an avenue. Don’t believe us? Then pony up, because here’s why!

We’re going to skip the specifics, but in general, it’s worth knowing that Google and other such search engines are really geared towards content. This means that they crave and look for quality materials on the Web. If you happen to provide these sorts of materials, you’re instantly better off than someone who just has a bland eCommerce page with nothing else going for it.

For instance, let’s say you sell handmade Yak’s wool sweaters. You could simply throw up an eCommerce site with a cute design and hope for the best. But if you happen to include a blog in which you talk about the creation of your art, the wool from whence it comes, or even provide tutorials on how your customer’s can do it themselves, Google will favor you infinitely more in search results. Better still, you’ll start to gain a readership that trusts you and your work, and is much more likely to want your items.

Okay, so now we just need to touch on that whole WordPress thing before we leave this golden part of the world. If you’re going to include a blog on your site, you might want to consider swapping the whole thing over to WordPress—if it’s not already a WP-powered site. The reason for this is really quite simple: WordPress is free, comes with a lot of customization options, and provides you with the tools to do just about anything you bloody well please. Best of all, it takes little to no actual coding knowledge to wrangle into place. Overall, this makes it ideal for those who want to quickly put up a blogging site, or a combination there of.

Redesign All the Things!

Our second tips isn’t exactly as user friendly, but if you haven’t ever considered it before, we guarantee it will give your site at least part of the boost you’ve been lusting after. Essentially, take a good, hard look at your site and ask yourself: Does this thing look as good as it possibly can? Is there some way in which I can have it designed, and as an end result, have it all look a bit more pleasing to the eye?

Nine times out of ten, we’re willing to be the answer is, “Yes!” Even if your site has already been professionally designed by one of the greatest design firms in the world, if it’s not pulling traffic or moving product, it’s about time it suffered another change. Seriously, have a good look at your Web content, and think long and hard about what we’re saying.

Done with that? Good! Because now we can move onto, what of this equation.

First of all, consider your brand. This doesn’t have to mean you own a company: A brand can be as simple or as basic as the name of your website. Now, ask yourself if that brand is strong enough to pull customers in on its own. Is it engaging? Does it offer up some idea of what it is that your site has to give? If not, then you’re going to need to redesign and rebrand the whole thing. If you need some help with this, consider hiring a professional firm to get the job done. Or, you know, there’s always a Google search.

The next step is to reevaluate the website itself. Do you feel that the current design is adequately funneling your customers where they need to go? In other words, does the flow of the site produce a sort of “Web tunnel,” which customers travel down to arrive at the designated end location? If not, your site is doing nothing to advance your goals, and should really go through a redesign. Again, hire this out if you have to, but always ensure that the framework on which you work is as good as it can get. This is far more important than any marketing or SEO.

Is It All Good?

Lastly, ask yourself if your site actually has a purpose. Is there any reason under the sun why people should visit it, or buy your products? Would you yourself use your site? If not, then you’re going to need to rework everything. This might seem intimidating, but view it as a chance to shuck a part of your life that’s not earning you any money, and is causing you stress: All of this in return for a profitable and successful Web property worth its weight in Net gold.

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